Aditya Technical delivers end to end solutions in IPTV entertainment products. ATS are partners with the service providers of the most advanced IPTV services and Hospitality IPTV Management services. We undertake supply and installation of IPTV Systems for a wide variety of clients. The IPTV technology can be used with In-house Ethernet cabling in hotels, hospitals, college, university complexes, office buildings, airports etc.

Why to start with the IPTV/Triple Play Service?
With the decreasing prices of the voice and internet services, all operators around the world are looking for new revenue streams. The drop in the bandwidth prices and the improved quality of networks has facilitated increased IPTV usage. IPTV represents the best chance of investing into your own access network, create additional stream of income for your company, and maintain competitiveness of your product.

IPTV Services:

  • IPTV STB’s
  • Streaming IPTV Headend
  • Hospitality IPTV Management / PMS Integration
  • Middleware IPTV Services
  • Digital Signage.