Solar energy is a fast growing renewable energy technology in India for electricity generation and heat utilization.  We at ATC provide turnkey solutions to our customers for the utilization of this energy for uses like water heating, electricity power generation and drying agricultural products.

We provide professional assistance to our customers from setting up power plants to day to day utilization of the energy. Our scope includes design, customization, approval, NOC’s, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the required equipment.

We offer our services in setting up solar power plants through CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER (CSP) TECHNIQUE and PHOTOVOLTAICS TECHNIQUE where in large scale MW production to small KW production is possible.

The basic Objective of adopting this technology is;

  • To promote green and clean power to reduce the carbon emission
  • To utilize the non usable lands.
  • To reduce the dependency on fossil fuels for energy security and sustainability
  • To promote investment, employment generation and skill enhancement in the renewable energy sector.